102-year-old American doctor reveals the secret to a healthy and happy life

A hundred-year-old American doctor, Gladys McGarey, recently revealed the secrets of a healthy, happy life in her book, « The Wonderful Life: 6 Secrets of a 102-Year-Old Doctor for a Healthy, Happy Life. at Any Age ». She shared the lessons she learned throughout her life, which allowed her to maintain optimal health and well-being.


According to McGarey, life is too short to be constantly stressed and preoccupied with the same thoughts. She pointed out that torturing one’s mind like this would not help in living a happy and fulfilling life. Many individuals allow themselves to be overwhelmed by unnecessary pressures, while the happiest and healthiest people are those who know how to manage their stress and let go of experiences that do not bring them anything.

The doctor explained that the habit that has helped her lead a healthy and happy life is to free herself from unnecessary pressures and engage in useful activities such as human relations and professional life. The happiest people are those who know how to manage their time and don’t get overwhelmed by problems that can cause stress.


McGarey also shared a method to get rid of the pressures of life. She recommends starting with a healing and progression exercise by listening to upbeat music and taking walks around her home. It is important to let your body move freely and smoothly while walking, and even to dance a little to the rhythm of the music.

Once the mind is prepared, here are the three steps to follow:

Identify a source of stress that you cannot eliminate from your life, be it a friendship, a way of thinking, a professional ambition or even anger.
Imagine that you can grasp these elements in your fist, even if it makes you feel some tension.
Release them by moving your hand forward and back, slowly opening your fingers before releasing them completely.


McGarey also recommends repeating phrases that have significant meaning to you, such as « I’m able to handle my problems » or « I’m grateful for everything I have in my life. » These positive phrases can help maintain a healthy and happy state of mind.

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