Controversial Halloween: Not everyone loves the haunted festival

Not everyone likes Halloween. Among other things, because of the pranks and the disruption of the peace, the horror festival is repeatedly criticized.

Carved pumpkins, children walking the streets in disguise and little pranks when no candy is dusted. Many people look forward to Halloween every year. But: The horror festival is not popular with everyone.

Voices are heard again and again criticizing the unrest and harassment. Because today’s Halloween customs can hardly be compared to the original idea of All Saints’ Day.

The Church defends itself against traditions
Individual Halloween customs were already controversial in early modern times. The church has repeatedly opposed the traditions. For example against pagan pranks, Halloween fire or fortune telling. The latter was particularly popular during this frightening and legendary period.


Today, the main complaints are that old established customs are being swapped out for new Halloween idiosyncrasies. For example, pranks and vandalism – like throwing eggs or scribbling houses – often lead to police operations.

Halloween is now too commercial

Another point of criticism is that the Halloween festival has now become too commercial and too American. After all, on All Saints’ Day, we really think of the deceased in a contemplative circle.

In the United States in particular, the church has moved away from Halloween activities to this day. The occasion is believed to be used for satanic and occult purposes.

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