How to find a job in Switzerland?

There are several ways to find a job in Switzerland:

Online job sites: There are many websites dedicated to finding jobs in Switzerland, such as,, and
Professional social networks: LinkedIn is a very popular social network for finding a job in Switzerland. It is possible to search for job openings, apply to advertisements and connect with other professionals.
Interim agencies: some temp agencies offer temporary jobs in Switzerland, which can be a good option for people looking to start their career or explore different business sectors.
Companies directly: you can also apply directly to companies that interest you and are recruiting.
Forums and professional events: it is also possible to find a job by participating in recruitment forums or by attending professional events such as job fairs.


Types of employment contracts, such as:

Permanent contract (CDI): this contract is considered the most common in Switzerland. It has no fixed end date and can be terminated at any time by the employer or the employee, subject to prior notice.
Fixed-term contract (CDD): this contract has a fixed end date and can only be renewed under very specific conditions.
Temporary contract: this contract is concluded for a limited period, often for an interim period or to replace an absent employee.
Apprenticeship contract: this contract is concluded for professional training and an alternation between training in a company and school training.
Part-time contract: this contract is concluded for a fixed or indefinite period and allows the employee to work fewer hours than for a full-time contract


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